The Local Punk Scene in Maine

Welcome to the Maiden Voyage of the Rock Branded Local Hero blog.

Today’s submission comes in from Vacationland itself the Great State of Maine and spotlights a punk rock scene emerging from the North. All of these great artists and bands shall be featured on the upcoming Rabid Gorilla Records Compilation scheduled to drop on March 23rd 2019. Reserve your copy today by pre-ordering here.


Sean Moran

Bassist for No Good and Publisher of Fist Shaking Comics

At the ripe old age of 10 years old, this bassist celebrated his double digit status by finding new influences from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Soundtracks

Then sometime between ’98-’99 Sean had his first taste of live music by seeing Weird Al Yankovic at The State Theatre in Portland, Maine.

No Good Music

Scott Cole

Guitar and vocals for Uncle Spudd

Scott grew up seeing a lot of live music but seeing live DIY shows at the Keith Anderson Community Center proved to be most impactful for the Uncle Spudd frontman.

He sites the band Relient K as a primary influence for his pursuit of a musical career particularly the tracks “Life after Death and Taxes” and “Overthinking.”

Uncle Spudd on Bandcamp



Frankie Moon

Singer Songwriter

Their lyrics “ignited a fire in my loins” said Frankie about the band The Mountain Goats when asked what group inspired him to pursue music.

And as a young man his first real show was a Journey Tribute band at the Skowhegan Opera House. He has not stopped believing ever since.

Frankie Moon on Bandcamp



Brett Threat 

Guitarist/Vocalist for USA Waste and Bassist of Cheap Buzz

Brett sites bands like Guns and Roses and the Beastie Boys for helping to kick start his interest in pursuing music. Before picking up a guitar at all, Brett was an MC in a rap group in ’94 that eventually transformed into a Ska influenced band featuring a DJ by the following year.

His first taste of live music was seeing a friend of a friend’s band, Positive Fuzz at the Penny Post in Old Town Maine followed by Sam Black Church on the next weekend, solidifying his love affair with DIY music.

Click here for band info:




Dave Colbert

Founder of Rabid Gorilla Records and Grand Marshall of the Rabid Gorilla Traveling Circus

Dave is no stranger to recording music, years before he founded Rabid Gorilla Records he recalls taping the audio of the Beatles double feature of Help and Yellow Submarine from his television set on an old school 1970s cassette recorder. But he sites the Beach Boys greatest hits to be the first album to spark his love of music.

With the help of his sister and brother he was exposed to many other musical influences like the Clash, Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson and the Boomtown Rats but it was the movie Repo Man that gave him his first taste of hardcore punk.

One day at work, a boss that Dave had developed a good rapport with asked Dave to attend his 17 year old’s DIY gig in a church basement in Orono Maine. There he saw USA Waste audition their new guitarist Garrett Finlay live on stage. Being impressed by their performance, Dave would later reach out to Brett Threat who would turn him on to the shows at the Squashed Warehouse and history was made.


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  1. Elizabeth Nichols-Goodliff on March 7, 2019 at 9:45 am

    You should check out my friend’s band, Extreme BEER Trio!!! They are in Machias. I have videos and playlists of them and other local bands including Beach Trash, Minor Characters, Milk & Honey Rebellion, Lost Cat and The River City Rats (my band) on my youtube channel Elihnig

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